If you’re a small business owner running all your own social media as well as keeping your business going then I salute you!

But I bet you’re feeling a bit burnt out, possibly unsure if the content you’re producing is actually having any worthwhile results on your business and may be in need to someone to look at everything with an objective and supportive eye.

This is where a Social Media Health Check from Big Little Social can help.

What does a Social Media Health Check include;

  • Full audit of your current social media platforms (what’s working well and what could be improved)
  • 10 point strategy plan for you to implement and have impact with
  • 30mins Zoom/Conference call to discuss the health check and any other questions you might have.

How does it work?

Once you’ve booked a Social Media Health Check with Big Little Social it will kick off the following steps to get you ready to post with intention to your own accounts;

  1. Once you’ve booked you will be re-directed to a form asking you submit the details of your accounts (we don’t need any passwords so don’t worry about that) and a few key details about your business and the ideal clients you’d like to serve.
  2. We’ll then then get to work on the full audit and creating your 10 point strategy plan.
  3. You’ll receive your Health Check as a PDF document which you’ll have chance to read over before we book in a Zoom/Conference call to discuss what’s been said and ask any questions.
  4. You can then put what I’ve told you into practise on your accounts!
  5. I won’t just leave you out in the cold don’t worry! I’ll check back in with you about 6 weeks after our Zoom call to see how you’re getting on.

If this sounds exactly like the support and guidance you need to get your social media really working for your business then book a Social Media Health Check with me for just £59 below!