As a small business owner investing time in training yourself to manage your own social media accounts is going to be one of the best investments you ever make.

Everyone knows that people buy from people and that products don’t just sell themselves; it’s all about the person or people behind them. So who better to tell (and sell!) your story on social media other than you!

Big Little Social offers a range of workshops suited to small and medium sized businesses;

THE SECRETS OF SOCIAL MEDIA | Perfect for small business owners who want to understand the fundamentals of the 3 major social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and the best practices for using each platform for business.

CREATING A CONTENT STRATEGY | If you find yourself struggling to know what to post to your platforms then this is the workshop for you. I’ll show you how to fine-tune and understand your clients pain points in order to create valuable and insightful content they want to engage with.

FUTURE PROOF YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA | Aimed at businesses who have chosen Instagram and Facebook as the key platforms in brand awareness and for attracting their ideal clients. Everything covered in the session is aimed at those with some experience of using both platforms already as we will be looking at Intermediate and Advanced practices such as Stories, Lives, IGTV, the use of paid advertising and groups.

PINTEREST FOR BUSINESS | Aimed at small business owners that work in a creative field but also extremely useful for those in the following sectors; fashion, travel, cookery and education. I will be showing you just how powerful Pinterest can be for your business and why really it’s the best social platform to be on for selling direct to your customer.

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