Why do I need a social media manager?

You may be asking yourself this question. ‘Why do I need a social media manager?’ 

Why do you need to pay someone to do the very simple task of posting to Facebook (or Twitter or Instagram) for you when you can and maybe have already been doing it for yourself and your small business for some time already?

You might know your way around these social media platforms for personal use and may already be a dab hand at using them for your business but is this random activity actually helping your business grow? Do you know if what you’ve been doing on these platforms has actually had any real effect on your business? It might be that you want to bring in customers to a retail business or engage a particular community you are trying to reach. Do you know how to measure the success of what you are doing?

A social media manager is so much more than just the person uploading photos and creating captions for the different channels. They can actually help you understand if all of this effort is having an effect through understanding how to analyse a platforms performance in helping you achieve your business goal. 

Many social media managers are not only trained in creating engaging and worthwhile content and how to use this across the different platforms but they are also a dab-hand at being able to track and analyse what posts are working well and why. They can tell you which posts, emails and newsletters are bringing people to your website; some may even be able to tell you which parts of your website are not as engaging for a customer and help you to put this right. 

If that hasn’t helped answer your question ‘Why do I need a social media manager?’ then here are other 5 reasons you may want to consider their services for your small business.

  1. Strategy

A social media manager doesn’t just make up what they’re going to post randomly each day (they may well do spur of the moment posts and respond to current events though) they will have thought out and come up with a strategy plan for how to drive your small businesses presence on social media forward. They will have thought about the customers and clients you are wanting to target, planned key areas and topic they think these personnas will be interested in and considered the best times of day for posting across the different platforms in order to have the most engagement. They will then start to plan, create and curate content to go out on these platforms; they know that Twitter loves a hashtag and a conversation whereas Instagram is all about the image, flow of the feed and engaging with other users.

2.  Engagement

I touched briefly on engagement above but think it deserves it’s own point as engaging with people on social media is almost more important that the actual posts themselves. The key to social media funnily enough is being social! Many small business owners may find they struggle for time as it in trying to keep all their other plates spinning without having to respond to comments, answer questions and have conversations with users and potential customers on social media. The act of being social on social increases customer buy-in and trust for a brand; encouraging a potential client or customer to want to engage with the brand further and then converting that into an actual sale or transaction is key. This is only possible through regular and consistent engagement and if you don’t have time to do that across all the different platforms you have a presence on then you’re going to miss out which is why a social media manager would be best placed to do this for you.

3. Consistency

Having a consistent approach to your social media platforms will help ensure your business and therefore your brand stays just that, ‘on brand’. A social media manager will be able to create content that is designed to show off and make your brand look amazing to potential customers all the time by using a range of creative and engaging apps and features across the different social platforms. They will unify this content as part of the content strategy and ensure everything looks like it has come from your business and is of a professional quality and high standard.

4. Damage control

Social media can be a murky place to navigate especially when it comes to customers using social media to call-out and complain about businesses. It’s unlikely a customer will shout from the roof-tops about how amazing your service has been or how awesome your product is but if there’s something wrong with the product or if they’ve encountered a problem with your service then you can bet they will be tweeting about it or sharing a  public post on Facebook. As a business you will need to respond to this customer directly but also know how to show empathy and understanding to the rest of your customers and potential future customers in order to protect reputation.

Handing this responsibility over to a social media manager means you can agree on what would happen in this kind of scenario beforehand so that you are removed from the emotion understandably connected to this kind of interaction and able to focus on the other main areas of your business.

5. Growth

A huge part of this post has been me discussing how a social media manager can analyse the results from different social media activity. This is turn means they can look at the direct impact certain social media posts may have in relation to your business. This is crucial to ensure growth of your small business through these channels in the future. You need to know how many people are coming to your website because of a Facebook post or a Tweet but you then need also need to know if they are finally making a purchase or if they are doing what you want them to on your website. If they’re not then a social media manager will be able to help you understand why and how you can make subtle changes to help encourage customers to your website and for them to stick around long enough to help your business grow by either making a purchase or booking there and then or signing up to get more news from you in the future.

If you think we’ve done enough to convince you that a social media manager can add real tangible value to your business then have a look at what we offer or contact us to find out more on how we could help.

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