The Lowdown

The Lowdown | 90 minutes covering the essentials | £99

This 90 minute 1 to 1 session will equip you with all the basic know-how, the tools, tricks and skills you need to make a great impression on social media.

You will select 3 platforms to work with on the day (from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In) and all I ask is that you make sure your accounts are set up ready in advance so that our session can be all about getting creative and social. (If you need help with this I can help on the day but this will take up part of the session)

If you can let me know your chosen platforms and tell me your account names before we start that’s even better as it means I can really help you get the most out of those 90 minutes by having a good look at your stuff beforehand and tailoring our session to suit.

This sort of session works best in person but can be offered remotely via video conferencing if you are not local to the Surrey or Greater London areas.

Contact us if you’d like to book The Lowdown 1-1 session.