Sparkle on Social

Sparkle on Social | 2hrs on how to bring and add the ‘spark’ to your social channels | £149

If you already have all your social channels set-up and are happy with the general performance and running of these but want just a little ‘something’ extra to make you stand out from the competition then this 1-1 session is made for you.

We will have a telephone conversation prior to the session so that you can tell me what it is that’s missing from your social media presence currently and what you want it to be like in an ideal world.

When we meet I will show and help you to bring and add the much needed ‘spark’ to your channels. This could be anything from working toward a more creative layout and styling of your Instagram feed, unifying your business branding across all your social media channels, planning for and creating a Tweet chat on Twitter or planning and running some Facebook Advertisements.

The 2 hours will be individually planned for and completely unique to your business; so you can rest assured the ‘spark’ we decide upon for you will be tailored to your goals and needs and not a ‘cookie cutter/one size fits all/filter’ we apply to everyone. 

This sort of session works best in person but can be offered remotely via video conferencing if you are not local to the Surrey or Greater London areas.

Contact us if you’d like to book a Sparkle on Social 1-1.