Platform Power Hours

Platform Power Hour | 1 hour to really tackle the platform of your choice | £75

A platform power hour is just that; an hour where we power through the essentials, the highlights and the spark you can create on a platform of your choice.

Love Facebook for catching up with Friends and Family but not sure on how to create a company page or a community group?

Perhaps you’ve never got to grips with Twitter and want to know how to construct the perfect short but snappy tweet to engage your followers?

Or maybe you’ve lost your way with Instagram and need some help in how to create engaging stories or make your feed really stand out?

Used Pinterest personally but have no idea on how to unlock it’s business potential and keep driving people to your business without ever lifting a finger again?

Is your Linked In just an online version of your CV? If it is, we can change that by being social on there too and linking your personal profile to a company page so that people in your industry can find you, connect and make conversation. 

This sort of session works best in person but can be offered remotely via video conferencing if you are not local to the Surrey or Greater London areas.

Contact us if you’d like to book a Platform Power Hour 1-1.