Up N’Running

Up N’ Running | Our Starter Package | £850

The Up and Running Package is suited to small businesses, personal clients and start-ups who either have no current social media presence in place or just have the basics. Over the course of approximately 10 weeks we will enable you to start making your mark on social media and ensure your presence is one to be seen and heard.

This package would also suit anyone who is wanting an overhaul of their social media channels and a chance to start afresh with new branding and a targeted approach to growing an audience.

Up N’ Running works like this;

  • We will have an initial consultation to discuss your business so I understand you, what you do and how you want social media to work for you.
  • I will then set up and organise 3 chosen social platforms (more can be available but at a seperate fee) in line with your company branding and specifications.
  • Before we begin posting content we will look at your competitors and any relevant influencers to see how they are performing on social media and reach out to people we can connect and be social with in order to eventually drive more attention to your business. 
  • I will then create a social strategy plan for your chosen platforms. This is the planning of what sort of things will be appearing on your channels and how we will go about creating and curating the content needed.
  • You will then get platform management for 6 weeks once the initial set-up, audit and strategy has been completed. I will post content, respond to comments and direct messages and engage with influencers. You can then choose to continue the management of the accounts yourself using the content strategy we have given you or employ us to do it on a regular basis at an additional fee.
  • After the 6 week management period has ended we will provide a comprehensive breakdown of how your social media activity and presence has performed using analytical tools across the different platforms. We will also show you how to find and interpret this information for yourself should you wish to manage your own social media platforms going forward. 

This package can be delivered remotely if you are not local to the Surrey or Greater London area. Contact us if you’d like to know more about getting the social media Up n’ Running for your business.