Channel management and content creation

If you’re looking for help in managing the day to day output for your social media channels then Big Little Social can help ease the pressure and leave you more time to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

You may need our expertise to create engaging and exciting content that will go out across the different platforms or just need some guidance on what type of content works best for each social media platform.

In addition to managing your channels and creating content we will also be able to help connect your business with potential clients and customers by engaging market influencers and ensuring your business and brand has a constant voice and presence on social media even when you’re not there.

You can have as much input into the content creation and channel management as you’d like; some businesses prefer to look for and create some of their own content and leave the day to day for the social media manager or you want to put the majority of the work into our safe and capable hands.

Prices for management of social media platforms start at £150 per month, please contact us for more information and if you have any questions about how we can help you.